Let me ask you...

Do you need a break from life and all its stresses?

Have you ever caught yourself saying " I wish I had an extra pair of arms, hands, and legs?"
Do you own a business and want to invest in some upgrades in your store? Let ROSS shed some light in dark areas. We help keep the owners in the mix. No more sleeping on the job, or just find out who is taking your money and not working. We can help you see the way! 
Or what about if you want a personal assistant to help your college student be more prepared, and help by shopping, cooked meals, cleaning, and by being a motivator? You never know how much your precious child could use an excellent service like this! Not to mention our seniors, our grandparents who need that extra care, set of hands, and legs. We are perfect for this! Let us be there to help!

If you have answered yes to any of those above well then,
ROS Services is what you have been dreaming of! 😴 💭
We at ROSS believe in our customers happiness and pride ourselves in helping you achieve your inner Zen by taking the weight and hassle of everyday chores off your shoulders. We help you achieve your goals!


 What does the family Assistant do?

  Well our family assistant offers your family multiple services, all structured around your family, bringing forth a more productive and positive lifestyle.
"We all have that horrid chores list magnetized to your fridge, just waiting to be check off ... "ugh" right!"
Well that’s where the family assistant comes in. They help organize your life, so you get back control over your family’s precious time! Your family assistant will put together a great schedule and deal with all complications that may arise, so that you can just relax and enjoy your families free time, TOGETHER.
~"Peace at home builds love in the heart."

 We offer a range of packages that cost pennies to what you would spend on 2 services alone. We aim to give you the most for ONE LOW monthly cost. We cut out the hassle, the high prices, crazy deposits, and bad customer service experiences. We inreturn give you much more like, privacy, trust, VIP TREATMENT and excellent VIP customer service.

Here at ROS Services we aim to please!

We offer different services that range anywhere from lawn care, cleaner, maid service, shopper, pet caretaker, cook, laundry and your very own driver. You get to pick per week according to your package, what services you want or need, and it's all included, into one low monthly cost, "BAM YOU GOT IT!".   

Not only do we relieve the pressure from off your wallet, but we also relieve the pressure from off your hectic schedule. We bring heaven to your doorsteps!

 ~ ROSS always promises to will take good care of your family and provide you with the best customer service, privacy, and proficiency that we can provide. Why not be blessed by R.O.S. Services and begin to see your life fill with happiness.

What does a business assistant offer?

Flair & Glam• business critic • Secret shopper
employment incentives • training peer • maintenance

 Do you own a small business and are looking to upgrade or improve your customer service and productivity?

What about your staff? Are they feeling overwhelmed?

Or maybe you want some improvements?

OR you just need some organization through the chaos?

Well, I have some wonderful packages that contain fantastic incentive programs. Perfect for making happy workers that in return brings forth better productivity...

"Happy workers are better workers!" 

Or do you just simply need new eyes for new ideas! Sometimes all we need is to
 "JAZZ IT UP", you just never know!

So let R.O.S. Services come and show you how we can make you look good!
I also do unique vintage & retro flair style advertising, which adds that right amount of

"old school" pizzazz that catches the attention of your customers, guaranteed!  :)
~ Ask for samples. :)

My team and I will take good care of your business and put it straight, making your business SUPER-SHINE, we promise! 

Also, with our secret shoppers we get the "LOW-DOWN"

So we can, see, see, see, and fix, fix, fix, if need be, also making our reviews honest and very informative.



With ROS Services, we take pride in our customer service. With us you will receive the best quality service with a customer service guarantee. You are our priority!

We at ROS Services want you to feel truly blessed by the work our angels do for you weekly.
Part of what makes this service so wonderful is that we put together a goal and help you achieve it. We help organize or lighten the load of responsibilities that most every family, person or business must endure. With ROSS we can provide you with free time to explore the areas in your life or business that have been overlooked or even neglected. Life is what we make of it so why not have R.O.S. Services come and help you achieve your true happiness. 

We keep your information safe and secure. We provide you respect at all times.

What are some of the SERVICES?

We provide, lawn care, driver, *maid service, *cleaners, pet care, *childcare activities, cook, outside clean-ups, power washing, marketing, advertising, organizer, shopper, buddy power, delivery, secret shopping, critic, and much, much more! We will always be adding to our list monthly, as our business grows. Call us now and signup!

How does it work?

Well, first you choose a type of assistant you want or need.
Then set an appointment to meet your assistant and discuss your expectations and goals. Your chosen assistant will offer you information about packages and programs we offer. You will get to choose any service that you want from our "service wish list" and we provide the basic services for one low monthly cost. We have multiple packages with different angel services that you can pick from. After that, we start the process and begin to bring peace and happiness to your lives. 

   What do you mean by providing a "BASIC" service?

It kind of works similar to something like a sampler package, or like a sampler platter. We all like the sampler plates in restaurants, don’t we? Why I ask? Well cause sometimes having a little bit of everything is exactly what you want. Then you could choose something you really like. Why waste money, or service, or food, on things we don’t like nor need?

 ROS Services is perfect for this! If you are interested in upgrading or adding onto a particular “basic” service, you can upgrade that service for a small added cost. All extra services are done from accredited and licensed businesses in the surrounding areas and that are affiliated with ROSS. We at ROS Services are adding more and more services as we speak. It is important that we service you, or your family, or your business with the most proficient and cost friendly solution. We want to show you how blessed you are. So, stop stressing and let ROS Services bring heaven to your doorstep! Please join our family and let the blessings begin!

~"Live To Love & Love To Live!"

"Live to Love and Love to Live"

R.O.S. Services