OFFICE HOURS :   Monday - Friday  9am - 5pm

CALL (843) 277-0139 OFFICE / FAX

**Servicing Areas: (always updating)  N. Charleston, Charleston, Hanahan. Mt. Pleasent, Goose Creek, Ladson (limited), Summerville (limited) 


EMAIL :  [email protected]

What is ROS Services?

ROS Services is designed to help people by offering a cost friendly way to provide multiple
"home-care, personal & life assistance" services.

We are an unique business that is here to help serve families, individuals or small businesses, truly providing 360 degrees of assistance to reach their goals and be sucessful.

We handle all situations and lifestyles!

By offering you a private service, you can trust us to keep your initmate life private and safe. Securing  your trust is the upmost important to us and we work hard for it and to maintain it always . You can feel safe knowing that you have a reliable super team that is all yours. No strangers anymore!

We provide a better quality of service for a more personalized outcome. We are fully customizable and flexible! We save you money and give you quality! We keep your life private and safe! What more can you ask for! We are the new wave, the future of customized services!