Just SOME of the services we offer..
  1. Personal, Business, Family Assistant
    You have a direct line to your very own assistant. This person will organize and control all the services at your command. They will help you achieve your goals!
  2. Cleaner
    You will have your very own personal maid. They will do a basic cleaning for you . The best part s that your maid never changes, its the same person for as long as employed.
  3. Driver
    You will have your very own driver. This service is awesome for taking and picking up kids or grandparents from school or appointments. Or maybe you might need a safe driver to drive you home from a fabulous fiesta! Even shopping can be delightful with an assistant and driver.
  4. Pet Caretaker
    Now let's not forget about the furry family members! They need love too! We can walk, feed, bathe, and play with them, and don't forget about the treats!
  5. Lawn Care / Gardening / Green Love
    This service is what gets your home looking gorgeous on the outside! There is noting better to coming home to clean entrances, clean doors and walkways. Your grass will always be trimmed, the plants will be watered, and we will blow away anything else. We also offer green cleaning ideas. What a lovely service!!
  6. Shopper
    We offer you the best shopper experience! No need for outside travels if you don't want to. Save the gas, let alone the energy! Let the shoppers help save you money as well. Life is so much easier when we don't have to shop ourselves! ..lol
  7. "Good Will it!" Service
    Don't want it, then "Good Will It!" We will take your discards, unwanted, used or new no longer wanted belongings, to Good will for you and bring back your tax receipt for you. Hey, i'ts a claim! What a wonderful way to "Share the Love"
  8. ~ Organizer
    Get it together! Well, we do just that! We will have you organized and in control by the end of your contract! ;)

R.O.S. Services

We aim to please!

 Contracts and Discounts
Services approximately take up to 2 hours per service!

All contracts come with a VIP membership

This gives you discounts, exclusive pricing, and opportunities for ROSS lottery and much more!

With every membership you are given a direct line to your personal assistant!

Also, you are lavished in all kinds of extras, such as party planning, tax peace, lend a hand, and much, much more!

Some packages offer you your very own baker for all birthdays! Lets talk about customized! How about that?

R.O.S. Services Cares!
We provide 360% degrees of care. How much do you need? We will be that for you. Let ROSS share the love with you. We make life easier and way more fun! It's your turn to relax.  Call ROS Service today and set up an appointment so we can plan your happiness!